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Hard Floor Cleaning & Waxing

In JCD cleaning services we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality hard floor cleaning for wood, laminate, vinyl, and concrete in your home to keep them dirt-free and your family safe from harmful dirt and grime that lurks below the surface and in the crevices of your home.


Keep all your workspaces impeccable

By keeping all your workspaces spotless, it increases the productivity of your employees, since it maintains a pleasant work environment.
Every time a client enters into your business they always have a great expectation and your floors are the first thing they see unconsciously, by keeping them clean your company will maintain a very high status and with great added value.


The floors are a reflection of the perseverance of your company.

The first step of all care is damage prevention. It all starts with a good treatment in the daily washing, and constant care regarding the spillage of liquids, or the use of corrosive or solid chemicals that can cause some damage to the flooring material. However, this cannot be completely solved at home, and even less in an office where there are daily activities of many people.


Marco Velasquez
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Great service, great value and fantastic costumer service. I plan on using them for all future jobs, at home and all my rental properties.
Angie Reyes
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I had scheduled a cleaning elsewhere and they never showed up. Contacted JCD and thankful they were able to get me in the same day at a great price. Not to mention it was super fast and clean. I work from home so I was a bit nervous they would take a while, but they were quick and he took the time to ask me if I was satisfied with the service. Definitely recommend, what a great customer service they give!

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