Restoring Brilliance, Tile Floor Renewal

Tile is one of the most used materials for flooring in all America, due to its durability, variety, and price. When recently installed, tile floors look amazing and shiny, but these features start to fade, and the floors can start to lose their charm over time. 

You can clean your floors, but they still don’t regain their old appearance unless proper treatment is provided. At JCD Cleaning Services, we have the experience to restore your floors’ shine and quality as if they were new.

Deep Cleaning Floors with Expert Touch

Floors is a mine of bacteria and dirt that is very difficult to remove even with existing commercial products.

In JCD cleaning services we go further than what household products achieve, since not only is it possible to regain the shine, we also do a deep cleaning and achieved what commercial liquid or chemical can’t, and especially with the environmental care and care of your loved ones

What are the benefits of tile?

Can be customized

This allows you to choose a color, style, texture, size, material, finishes, and many other features. It is an option with different virtues, which makes it ideal for any type of space.

Capital improvement

Installing tile on your floor and in places like the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning, and shine can add to your property’s value when it comes time to sell it, which is why it is important to always keep your floors shiny.


Tiles can be used almost anywhere in the home. They can be used on walls or floors; there is a tile for any type of need. In addition, they are designed for both interior and exterior, so no matter the application, you will find a tile that suits your needs.


It is the best option for spaces with high traffic and offers extended durability.

Quality Service

See our cleaning results

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