Furniture Revitalization: Deep Clean for Upholstery

Over time, your upholstered sofas, chairs, and other furniture can accumulate dust, oils and body odors, hair, and many other contaminants that pose a risk to your health and an aesthetic problem.

At JCD Carpet cleaning services, we can help you with the cleaning and care of your furniture and thus prolong your furniture’s life and at the same time take care of the investment you made.

Quality Service

Part of our cleaning service

  1. We start with environmentally friendly products so we can smooth out the stains and start dusting.
  2. Part of our procedure is to rinse and do the proper cleaning without getting your furniture so wet.
  3. We give a treatment that begins to restore your furniture’s PH and keeps it clean for longer.
  4. Restoring the fibers of your furniture is part of the process to extend the useful life of your furniture that is part of your home.

See our cleaning results

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